Our work in Panama has been extensive over the years. Read below for information on our different trips.

Panama 2013

More details coming soon!

Panama 2012

Please watch our video documentary about this trip!

Panama 2011

23 students worked on need assessments, community organization, health education programs, water sanitation, health fairs and latrine construction in Villas del Carmen, a remote community located in the mountain area of Coclé province in Panama. Trip members built 14 equipped latrines, gave medical attention to more than 100 persons, gave dentistry treatment to more that 40 persons, offered health education presentations to more than 100 persons, promoted health training infrastructure, and completed a community map.

Panama 2009

25 students from IHSC worked for six days in the village of Oma completing several days of clinical work, including eye exams with free glasses, physical exams, and health education. Teams also completed manual labor in the hot sun to help complete eight latrine tops and work with the community to break ground and lay aqueducts to provide water to the busy clinic and eventually throughout the entire community, which has not had running water in over 20 years.

“Overall, we had a wonderful cultural experience as many of us saw for the first time what life is like in a lower developed area. Our creativity was tested as we had little tools to carry objects or mix cement and our patience was also often tested as we tried to communicate with the community (through an obvious language barrier for most) and learn what “village time” actually means.”- Samantha Spedoske (trip member)