Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic 2007

Alongside U.S. Peace Corps, IHSC helped to construct 15 latrines, and provided health education on topics such as hygiene, maternal and infant health, dental hygiene, and sexual health. IHSC also organized clinics with a Resident Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and the help of medical, nursing, physical therapy, and public health students. Over 300 patients were examined and treated, and over 200 children were treated with anti-parasitics.


Dominican Republic 2006

34 USF Health students visited El Seibo,El Cuey and La Sabana in the Dominican Republic. Trip members constructed 9 ventilated improved latrines, created 10 chicken coops, presented oral rehydration and hygiene health education, operated a community clinic, distributed medications, and donated prescription eyes glasses.


Dominican Republic 2005

29 IHSC students collaborated with the US Peace Corps to build 51 composting latrines for 47 families and an elementary school, serving a total of 300 residents. Students also provided health education on sanitation/hygiene and oral re-hydration therapy, as well as offered medical treatment to children, specifically for parasite infections. Trip members had the opportunity to experience the lives of villagers in a developing country without water and sanitation facilities, to share their knowledge of health through education forums and clinical activities, to learn about basic public health sanitation strategies employed by the government and NGOs worldwide, and to practice cultural sensitivity and language skills in collaboration with other public health colleagues.Overall IHSC donated medicines, tools, and over $12,000 of fund.