IHSC featured in COPH Monday Letter

The College of Public Health has a regular publication with the most relevant news and this time IHSC was chosen as the Highlight in the college Global Scene.

IHSC Spring Break trip to Panama: A successful interdisciplinary intervention

We will post pictures from our trip next week!

IHSC Spring Break trip to Panama: A successful interdisciplinary intervention

Taken from the ML 09APR2012.

Sharing experiences with the Hostal manager

International Health Service Collaborative’s (IHSC) annual service trip this past spring break brought them back to the town of Villas del Carmen in the Coclé province of Panama for the second year in a row where they continued their efforts toward sustainable work in the community.  As the only interdisciplinary organization within USF Health with members from all 5 colleges, this year’s trip included a combination of 17 medical, nursing, and public health students.  Five of these students were also on the trip last year, helping to maintain the continuity of IHSC’s relationship with the community.
Building on their success from last year, IHSC once again made a big impact in Villas del Carmen, a small rural town of several hundred families several hours up a mountain.  Key to making this year’s trip a success was Dr. Nydia Flores Chiari, a Panamanian physician who is also a student at USF College of Public Health.  As a licensed physician in Panama, she was able to treat patients, write prescriptions, and act as an attending physician for USF medical and nursing students seeing patients.  In total 85 patients were seen for everything from leishmaniasis, to hypertension, to severe dehydration, with some traveling for as long as a day on foot to reach the clinic.  Additionally, IHSC’s fundraising efforts during the year allowed for the purchase of almost $1000 in medications that were donated to the community and given to patients free of charge.

IHSC ready for a Health Fair

On the public health side of things, IHSC completed 10 latrines and left supplies for 5 more, something that will leave an impact for years to come as properly constructed latrines play an important role in preventing gastritis and other maladies related to poor sanitation.  Health education about topics such as hand washing, boiling water, and dental hygiene was also provided at a health fair organized by IHSC in coordination with Panama’s Ministry of Public Health, where patients patients from Villas del Carmen and surrounding communities were also seen.  Additionally, the community’s water system was evaluated as a possible project for IHSC’s future trips.

Lastly hygiene products collected in a drive coordinated by Ellen Kent, as well as toys and school supplies were donated to the school in Villas del Carmen.

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