UPDATED. World AIDS Day 2011. 30-NOV-2011

Update. World AIDS Day


IHSC, GHSA, and PHSA are hosting an exciting event for World AIDS Day 2011 (WAD2011) starting at 5pm in the College of Public Health Room 1023-C (Sam P. Bell Auditorium).   

Come and join the discussion about this serious Public Health problem.


5:00 pm      Light refreshments and announcements

6:00 pm      Panel Discussion

More Info Flyer

Getting to Zero


2 thoughts on “UPDATED. World AIDS Day 2011. 30-NOV-2011

  1. House of Numbers is presented as an objective documentary – when in practice it was funded by ‘RethinkingAIDS’ – an organisation of AIDS denialists. See: http://www.houseofnumbers.org/ for a critique. See also http://www.aidstruth.org for more information on HIV science and on AIDS denialism. Note that Christine Maggiore and Kim Bannon – both featured in the film as HIV positive people living without antiretrovirals – have both died of AIDS-related illnesses. The film is misleading and dangerous.

  2. Thanks for your comment Nicoli. We are not showing the HON documentary anymore.

    Instead we will host a panelist discusion sharing accurate information about HIV and AIDS, discuss new developments in the Tampa community and the broader field of HIV/AIDS, and envision future directions.

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