Fall Fundraiser! Bucs Game Concession stand

When:  Sunday, November 13. 8:15am-5pm

We will be working a concession stand at the Bucs game on Sunday November 13th from 9:00-5:00.  It is  an-all day commitment, but it will be a great chance to get to know each other and is a lot of fun. We all have to be there and will all be leaving about the same time, so we will have a carpool leaving from USF at 8:15 am.

This is a big moneymaker for us, so we’re pushing for as many people to attend as possible. Recruit friends, family and anybody else willing to come help out! If you have to leave early, then sign up and leave early!

  • You only need your government official ID (passport or state ID/license)
  • You are required to wear khaki or black pants (walmart $10).
  • White shirt to wear under provided uniform shirt, apron and hat/visor
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • NO Jeans material
  • NO Jewelry
  • NO access baggage (no storage in the stand)

*Lunch and drinks are provided free*

Please email KHILL@health.usf.edu with your name that is on your ID & shirt size; THEN complete the one time online alcohol training (below) by Wednesday 11/9 4pm. It takes about 10 minutes and is super easy. Just click through it if you do not want to read it.


Log on to: http://levy.restaurant.org/
Enter Password: LEVY

  • Enter your personal information and employment history
  • Choose NON PROFIT from the job title from the drop down list.
  • Choose FL Raymond James Stadium from the property drop down list.
  • For the confirmation email address on the final page, please enter khill@health.usf.edu
Not only do we raise money for your organization & IHSC you will also get points with IHSC if you plan to apply to go to Panama next year!

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